The Merits of using cell phone Booster

Cell phone amplifiers are low gain devices and high power output. It has a direct connection to internal and external antennas. They are mainly used in areas with a weak RF signal. They work well in open environments, such as in remote areas. Its installation is quite simple, since you only need to connect and use. You do not need a pre-installation analysis, such as measuring attenuation and signal gain.

Phone Signal Booster

Amplifiers are more preferable than repeaters:

The amplifiers, unlike repeaters, need a low output power, since the amplifier has a direct connection with cell phone booster for Mali. Therefore, the signal from the amplifier to the phone or vice versa is sent directly without degradation. The amplifier signal gain is less than the repeater signal. The transmission power amplifier is independent of the attenuation between the internal and external antennas of the device. It is not subject to fluctuations; therefore, it cannot generate RF noise.

The amplifier provides a reliable transmission / reception signal because it amplifies the RF signal as necessary. The amplifiers are used with cell phones or any communication device for clear signal reception. The radiation emitted by our cell phones can affect our health and increase our chances of brain cancer. Therefore, the use of mobile phones increases the risk to our health.

Weak signals produce more radiation from the cell phone device, which increases our exposure. The amplifiers convert weak signals into strong signals, thus providing clear and good voice signal reception. The amplifiers consist of an amplifier to amplify a signal and a signal antenna to receive or transmit a corresponding signal. When you are in a vehicle or driving on a busy road, the RF signal is not constant. Reinforcements are used for constant and clear communication.

There are two types of reinforcements, interior reinforcements and outdoor reinforcements. The internal version of the amplifier can have a power of 500 mW, and the external amplifier can have a capacity of up to 1000 mW.


Cell phone amplifiers can be used if you have poor coverage in your home or office, if you notice more missed calls, if you can receive calls, but cannot make calls, or if you feel that data download is slow.