Fundamental Guidelines for Crayfish Care

All species of crayfish call for clean, well oxygenated water. The water needs to be circulated with a great filter or air rock of some kind in any way times. Crayfish will certainly sink in fixed water in 6 hours because of the reality that oxygen will certainly clear up to the top of the water column out of their reach. Water specifications must be Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, and Nitrates 10red swamp crayfish

North American crayfish due ideal in waters between 60F & 75F with 72F being optimum. Australian crayfish are normally the exact same with the exception of Cherax Quadricarinatus Australian Red claw. They can take care of exotic temperature levels as they are from the exotic region of Australia near Queensland. Maintaining any type of crayfish in water warmer than they are used to in nature can trigger your crayfish stress, make them expand much faster which subsequently will create a shorter life expectancy.

All crayfish have basically the exact same demands when it comes to food. They are all scavengers in nature & will certainly eat whatever you provide or whatever they discover in the storage tank. This consists of plants & whatever fish they can capture. The basic guideline is a high quality shrimp pellet or one of the numerous specialized foods avail. Like Hikkari Crab Cuisine or HBH Crab & Lobster BITES. They also delight in the strange frozen pea, potato & carrot. If you do it appropriately the can additionally be educated to hand feed taking the food right from your fingers. They must be fed when per day max or every various other day. Keep in mind in nature they are not going to locate food every day. Once they get to approx. 6  in dimension this quantity can be increased.

All species of red swamp crayfish for sale are fantastic at escaping. Trust me it is occurred to me lot of times when I thought it was not possible. They enjoy to climb & will find any kind of tiny opening in your cover. Protect all openings around filter intakes, airline companies and so on. I suggest protected like with air duct tape. Or sheet steel & a welder. LOL  kidding. If they do get out they can endure for a couple of hours however  as long as their gills continue to be wet.

It is normally thought about a bad suggestion to maintain more than one crayfish in the same container with each other as they will combat & potentially eliminate each various other. Although this is a personal choice you will have to make as many people keep several crays together. If you do determine to keep several crayfish together make certain they have numerous, several hiding areas. They will certainly require them when they molt to remain secure from killers.